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so I’ve noticed a lot of people are freaking out about the simultaneous end of DR, snk, and Free! all at once to the point where I’ve never seen so many existential crises on Tumblr at one time

"what do I do with my life now?" u ask. well, u can always devote ur life and soul to Umineko

Umineko is one of those things that literally everyone should at least TRY reading if u have any inclination at all to things involving murder, romance, gore, mystery, humor, etc. so here, I’m even going to tell u how to get the VNs:

  • they can be bought over HERE. they’re really not that expensive! the English patch found HERE, as the PS3 patches (for the fancy art and graphics and stuff) HERE and HERE are completely free!
  • but, those of u who don’t have the money to spare can download them HERE and HERE for free (if u wind up liking them, try contributing some money though!)
  • all other links you can find HERE, at uminecry’s big masterpost of Umineko resources!

I’m 100% serious when I say getting into Umineko was one of the best decisions I ever made. the fandom is relatively small on Tumblr currently, but it’s a friendly fandom overall! please consider sharing this around if ur looking for a new series to get interested into!

(also don’t go looking for Umineko spoilers as opposed to just reading the VNs because there’s actually a lot of fake, unconfirmed theories out there that somehow gained popularity and are NOT the true answer to the VNs. not to mention by just trying to look things up u will be 1000000% more confused and won’t even get the full experience of all the beautiful prose and art and music!)

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